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SEO content is royalty online and we provide a wealth of it to drive traffic to your website, blog, newsletter, etc.

All content is completely original. It is written by native English-speaking, experienced SEO copywriters who fully understand search engine optimization concepts like long-tail keywords, anchor text, and organic search.

Exclusive, Rebrandable Content

We write SEO content on every topic imaginable. It is yours to distribute as you please. Full rights are granted so you can rebrand and sell it; publish it on your website or blog; use it in your newsletter; post it to your social media accounts; etc.

After receiving the details of your order, we'll give you with a firm start and completion date. Turnaround can be as little as 48 to 72 hours. We offer the following types of content.

Snippet Posts: 300-450 words

The Best Use of This Content: Ideal for keeping your blog and/or social media accounts updated frequently.

Blog/Web Posts: 500-700 words

The Best Use of This Content: This type of content is good for traffic generation on websites, blogs, in newsletters, etc. It is akin to pre-qualification info that whets the appetite of prospective customers, driving them to your website/blog for more in-depth information.

Long-form Content: 700-1,200 words

The Best Use of This Content: If you want repeat visitors (ie, customers who are really interested in your products/services), you must inform them with well-written, in-depth content. This type of content does that beautifully. It's why we call it "foundation content" (aka "cornerstone content").

Foundation content should only be found on your site because it forms the very foundation (the heart) of your site; giving potential customers all the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision. Over time, it cements your reputation as an industry expert.

Skyscraper Content: 1,200+ words

This is foundation content -- on steroids! It can run anywhere from 1,500 to 10,000 words or more. It is usually media-rich, including numerous infographics, pictures, video, etc. It's very in-depth, including tons of links to authoritative sources. Posts like this are usually widely shared, and drive a ton of traffic (if promoted correctly).


Snippet Posts: 300-500 words. $150; $200 for more complex copy.

Blog/Web Posts: 500-750 words. $250; $300 for more complex copy.

Long-Form Content: 750-1,200 words. $395; $450 for more complex copy.

Skyscraper Content: Content longer than 1,200 Words (contact us for a custom quote).

For an accurate quote, we need specifics: eg, type of copy, length, quantity, turnaround time, etc. Once we have specifics, we'll give you a firm quote, as well as a definite completion date.

Note: Best Deal -- Monthly Content / SM Distribution Package

Get a Discount

We're always interested in working on a retainer, where we'll provide content on a regular basis (eg, weekly, monthly) at a discounted fee. Email us with your needs to get specifics (info[at]NewMediaWords.biz).

Customer Service Policy

If we miss a firm deadline we've quoted you, your content is free.

How to Order

Contact us with the following information:

•  Your contact info: name, email and/or telephone number
•  Website/blog URL
•  Type of content you're interested in (eg, long-form content, blog/web post, press release, etc.)
•  Details you think we should know: eg, turnaround time, keywords you want us to target, what copy will be used for, etc.

We will contact you promptly to clarify your needs, then get started promptly.

Payment Policy

There is an initial 50 percent deposit to get started. The remainder is due upon completion of your project (we will invoice you via PayPal, our payment processor of choice).


Email info[at]NewMediaWords.biz. Your query will be answered within normal business hours: 8 am to 6 pm, M-F (excluding holidays), U.S. EST. Outside of these times, we'll be in touch as soon as possible the next business day.

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