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New Media Words is a search engine optimization (SEO) writing company.

Our clients are primarily internet marketing firms, interactive ad agencies, digital media marketing companies, web design firms and graphic design houses.

We began in 2007 as a simple one-person, SEO content writing company providing a single service -- keyword-rich articles. Clients immediately saw an increase in sales and leads, and began requesting other services: eg, social media account management, lead-generating booklets and reports, press releases, etc.

To fully assist them with their growing content and social media marketing needs, in 2008, we expanded into a full-service SEO writing company.

How We Help You Succeed

By offering 21st-century marketing options like social media marketing and search engine-optimized content, you can get all of your content needs met in one place.

We write the copy; we do account setups, source content and update your social media accounts; we recruit the best SEO writers; etc. This leaves you free to concentrate on the day-to-day operations of your business.

Contacting Us Is All It Takes

Need weekly blog posts to build your brand? We can handle that.

Need fresh SEO content for your website to attract more targeted traffic? We can take care of that.

Need a free, downloadable report to grow your subscriber list? We can write that.

Need your social media accounts updated regularly? We can do that.

In short, you make contact once and all of your content writing and social media needs will be handled.

Projects We've Completed

•  Ebooks for success coach entrepreneur (we ghostwrote three)

•  Total rewrite and keyword research for website of national (U.S.) medical staffing agency

•  Lead-generating booklets for pay-per-click education and training firm

•  Monthly SEO articles for luxury travel agency

•  SEO articles and web copy for marketing firm that targets online educators (eg, universities)

•  Articles for Canadian chemical distributor/manufacturer

•  Web content for limousine provider

•  Online content for large, southern California healthcare provider

•  SEO articles for large IT company

•  Web copy for online $200 million/year sales & marketing firm

•  Daily blog posts for large energy firm

•  Daily blog posts on legal marketing for internet marketing company

•  Weekly SEO articles for computer services firm

•  Weekly blog posts and articles for PPC training company

•  Daily blog posts for home improvement blog

•  Lead-generating content for 30+ websites of Florida condo rental company

•  SEO articles for Canadian bridal company

•  Abstracts of industry articles for internet marketing firm

•  Call-to-action articles & press releases for lead-generating, legal portal

•  Case study for internet marketing firm

•  Comparative analysis copy for major bedding manufacturer

•  Descriptive web content for weight-loss product

•  Posts for financial blog (self-directed IRAs)

•  Sales copy for logo design company

•  Press release for digital recording device manufacturer

•  News articles for online news portal (real estate and finance articles)

•  Blog posts for $500 million/year technology company (on routers)

•  Meta tag writing for pet site

•  Web articles for online jewelry manufacturer

•  Edited ebook for self-publisher of men's grooming manual

•  Blog posts for online dating site (wrote and uploaded to WP blog)

•  Content for article marketing campaign for a successful blogging entrepreneur

•  Monthly blog posts for success coach

•  Edited autobiography of civil rights activist

•  And so much more!


Email info[at]NewMediaWords.biz. Your query will be answered within normal business hours: 8 am to 6 pm, M-F (excluding holidays), U.S. EST. Outside of these times, we'll be in touch as soon as possible the next business day.

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