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Case studies are a powerful marketing tool because not only do they illustrate the benefits of your product or service to potential clients -- they do it using real-life examples.

Competing online has made this type of interaction more important than ever when it comes to building client trust, which increases sales.

Why Case Studies Are Such Effective Selling Tools

As mentioned above, they showcase real-life results, almost always featuring an outside party, ie, a satisfied customer. What it adds up to is a very effective, elongated testimonial.

Case studies an be thought of as a written infomercial -- and you know how successful that selling medium is.

Case Study for Search Marketing Firm: How we helped one of our clients triple web traffic for one of their clients, and increase web traffic for another by 25 percent -- in just one month!

Cost: $1,500.

To Order a Case Study

Send the following info to info[at]NewmediaWords.biz.

•  URL of your blog/site

•  Your contact information

•  Any additional details you think we should know.

Upon receipt of your information, we will contact you promptly to get all the details we need to begin work on your case study.

Payment Policy

There is an initial 50 percent deposit to get started. The remainder is due upon completion of your case study (we will invoice you via PayPal, our payment processor of choice).


Email info[at]NewMediaWords.biz. Your query will be answered within normal business hours (8 am to 6 pm, M-F (excluding holidays), U.S. EST). Outside of these times, we'll be in touch as soon as possible the next business day.

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